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Nevion debuts intelligent perfect switch at NAB
Posted on Thursday, April 1, 2010
Nevion debuts intelligent perfect switch at NAB


Patented protection switching totally transparent to downstream equipment
Nevion, formerly Network/VPG, a leading video transport solution provider for broadcasters, service providers and government entities worldwide, powers into the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show 2010 at booth #N4624 at the Las Vegas Convention Center on 12-15 April with a significant new addition to its Ventura product line, a dual-channel perfect switch providing complete video protection for digital television networks.
 “With the VS7700, service providers and broadcasters will have peace of mind, knowing they won’t receive those urgent calls asking what went wrong with the circuit,” said Dr. Chin Chye Koh, director of product management for Nevion’s Ventura family of products. “Patented technology enables perfect protection switching of DVB-ASI and SDI video signals across any network infrastructure—IP, SONET/SDH or fiber—compensating for up to one second of differential delay at ASI rates of 160 Mbps for guaranteed signal quality, zero outages, and no disruption of service.”
With comprehensive TR 101 290 real-time analysis, the VS7700 bases decisions not only on disrupted signals but also on the quality of the primary and backup transport streams. This seamless arbitration between two channels prevents multiple second outages so prevalent today, even with traditional back up methods. The VS7700 provides users a complete toolset of options to assure that video is protected at all times and adheres to the highest standards of service quality.
According to Eugene Keane, president, Nevion North America, the switch’s design is consistent both with the tenets of the Ventura product line and the philosophy of the company. “This product provides uncompromised video quality regardless of your network configuration for a flexible, cost-effective solution. And the benefits of uninterrupted video 24 hours-a-day, 365 days a year is incalculable. This is a significant addition to the Ventura family.”
Nevion’s modular Ventura products provide highly flexible and scalable video transport solutions across all video protocols, integrating key compression technologies, multiplexing, network mapping, protection at all network layers and monitoring to ensure SLA compliance.  
They also feature NEBS Level 3 certification for operation in harsh environments. Ventura equipment is widely used by the United States National Football League and large telecommunications service providers for global events such as the recent winter games in Vancouver.