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Mirror Image Teleprompters Upgrade
Posted on Thursday, May 14, 2009


Mirrors an hood now compatible with new wide angle formats
With an ever growing demand for wider angle lens and new HD format cameras, teleprompter mirrors needed to change and Mirror Image leads the way. All of our camera prompters including our low priced Starter Series now include new trapezoid shaped mirrors and hood assemblies.
Camera prompters with 8 inch and 10 inch LCD monitors have a trapezoid mirror approximately 13” by 12”. Larger cameras prompters with 15 inch LCD monitors have a mirror roughly 16” by 15”.  “These are large mirrors and they really open up the field of view of the lens” says J.T. Meidl, president of Mirror Image. “Even with the larger mirrors we were able to hold our price in check, or the same as before the upgrade.”
More and more customers shooting in the 16:9 format and wider angle lens precipitated the upgrade. New weight saving, manufacturing techniques were used to keep overall weight in check. All Mirror Image camera prompters, regardless of camera used will operate without a counterweight.
Mirror Image Teleprompters has been manufacturing camera and podium style prompters since 1986. We carry the industries widest line of prompting equipment form our low cost Starter Series to our Pro Series. Our industry leading 3 year warranty in addition to 200 dealers world wide make are product available anywhere in the world with the service to back them up.