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Legrand/Wiremold - VA12SSS325-5
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Support Strip

Model: VA12SSS325-5

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Used to provide strength to support cover plate. Required for clear spans of 14 inch (456 mm) or greater, or any trench wider than 14 inch (456 mm), without partitions or when heavy loads will be applied, such as in casinos. Available in 6 or 12 inch (152 or 305 mm) on center bolt spacing. 12inch (305 mm) O.C. spacing is adequate for most applications. Select 6 inch (152 mm) O.C. spacing for heavy loads. Support bolts should be located 2 inch (51 mm) from ends of cover plates. Strip is field installed to base and adjusted up to bottom of cover plate of Trenchduct with welds or screws. Available in 5 ft (1.5 m) lengths.

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