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Gorman-Redlich Mfg. Co. NOAA Alerter CAP (NAC)

Series: CAP-DEC

Model: NAC

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The Gorman Redlich NOAA Alerter CAP (NAC) is the perfect next-generation alerting solution for installation in schools, office buildings, hospitals, industrial facilities, event venues, and more.  

The NAC represents the latest technology available from the National Weather Service/NOAA for public alerting.  This unit receives official government-originated emergency alerts immediately over the internet in Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) format and processes them in order to provide warnings to the target audience: building or area occupants.

The NAC receives alerts directly from government alerting servers and transforms them into clear, intelligible text-to-speech (TTS) audio that can be played over PA systems, intercoms, and other A/V sound systems.  Relay contact closures are also provided to facilitate audio switching during an active alert.

Alert text, including a description of the event and instructions on what measures to take, can be displayed on a number of external equipment types, including indoor or outdoor LED signboards that implement Alpha Protocol.

This innovative unit also sends status emails to an administrative email recipient list as well as alert emails to a separate recipient list - which can include mailing list addresses for campus/facility-wide alert notification.  Message details are also stored locally in log files on the durable solid state drive (SSD).

Available as a 19" rack-mount unit, the NAC can be installed in the A/V server room right alongside the rest of the PA/intercomm equipment and is easy to monitor and configure with an attached keyboard/monitor/mouse or by using 3rd party remote access software.

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