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100 Minute Master Up/Down Timer

Model: ES-362UE

  • .55" yellow LED display
  • 100 Minute Up/Down count range (00:00 - 99:59)
  • Thumbwheel preset
  • ESE Timer Code™ output
  • Remote Control input
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The ES-362UE is a 100 Minute Up/Down Timer. The ES-362UE is housed in a folded aluminum/plastic case. The timer is presettable via the front-mounted thumbwheel switch. Up, Down, Stop, Reset-to-zero, and Preset controls are provided on the top of the case. A rear-mounted BNC connector provides the ESE Timer Code for driving remote slave displays. Up to 100 slave displays may be driven, using up to 4000 feet of coaxial cable or twisted pair. A rear-mounted DB-9 connector provides access to remotely control the five pushbutton switch functions. If the relay contact closure option is ordered, the contacts are also accessible on this connector.

  • .55" yellow LED display
  • 100 Minute Up/Down count range (00:00 - 99:59)
  • Thumbwheel preset
  • ESE Timer Code™ output
  • Remote Control input
  • Optional relay-contact closure output at zero
  • Optional Stop at zero
  • Optional Tenths of Seconds display
  • Optional 1.75" Rackmount enclosure (Option P)
  • 220-240 VAC (110-120 VAC is standard) and UL options available
  • Product Options:
  • T---Tenths of Seconds: Tenths of Seconds LED Display added.
  • UL---"UL" Approved Power Supply: The unit is supplied with a UL/CSA approved wall mount power supply.
  • Y---Relay Closure at Zero: Reed Relay for Control Applications (10W max load; 500ma switching current).
  • Z---Stop with reed relay closure at Zero (10W max load; 500ma switching current).
  • Q---Console Mount: The unit is housed in an enclosure 8" deep, front panel is 3.5" x 9", 1/8" clear anodized aluminum.
  • P---19" Front Panel (Rack Mount): Designed for mounting into a standard equipment rack. Panel is 1/8" clear or black anodized Aluminum and chassis is 5" - 10" deep.
  • P2---Dual Rack Mount: Allows specific units to be mounted side-by-side on a single Rack Mount panel.
  • N---Reverse Count at Zero: Changes count direction from Down to Up at Zero.
  • J---220 VAC/50 Hz Operation: The unit is configured to operate from 220 VAC line voltage. 117 VAC 50/60 Hz is standard. Clear---Clear Anodized Front Panel
  • C---Crystal Time Base: A crystal reference is employed for those applications requiring independence from the line frequency. A trimming function is included for greater accuracy (2-3 seconds/week).
  • D---Remote Control: This option consists of a connector wired to switches on a control plate via a six-foot cable. Extra cable available.
  • LT---Light Tower: Composed of a foot, base unit, three LEDs - Green, Yellow/Amber & Red - and a cap for for timing and controlling individuals who are engaged in Public Speaking. It is powered by an included 24V Power Supply. Must order Option X.
  • Clear---Clear Anodized Front Panel for Option P or Q
  • X---Three Relay Outputs: Three Relay Outputs (two are programmable, 3rd @ "00:00") (Option 'Z' is included).
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