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Fort Edmonton Park - Capitol Theatre
Posted on Saturday, March 31, 2012
Fort Edmonton Park - Capitol Theatre

 Fort Edmonton Park's Capitol Theatre Relies on Digital Projection

Thanks to an ambitious reconstruction and renovation plan, Fort Edmonton's Capitol Theatre has resumed its designation as a notable feature in Edmonton's culture. As part of a plan to revitalize historic Fort Edmonton, the Capitol Theatre was a high priority in a list that includes almost 120 projects. Now fully operable, it is easy to see why this Edmonton mainstay is such an important destination from both cultural and entertainment perspectives.

Fort Edmonton Park's Capitol Theatre Relies on Digital Projection

Within the master plan, Robert Wyatt, founder of Artisan Design in Los Angeles, CA, saw the opportunity to create an entertainment venue that would employ cutting-edge technology while being able to feature a wide variety of community-driven productions. As revealed in the photography, Wyatt, David Willrich of DJ Willrich Ltd. and Fort Edmonton's technical team have created a stunning visual environment. Enlisting five 10,000 lumen TITAN 1080p-700 projectors, the Capitol Theatre's creative productions dazzle audience members as they learn the history of the region.

Fort Edmonton Park's Capitol Theatre Relies on Digital Projection

Amanda Bergen, artistic director for the Capitol Theatre, commented, "It's been very exciting to show off the facility and the gorgeous images in our live theatre. We've been able to use the technology both in our film presentations and in our live theatre program, and it's allowed us to change our backgrounds with smooth beautiful bright transitions from scene to scene." Bergen continued, "The projectors have really delivered a "wow" factor to the live productions. Without them, we would have had to go with traditional backgrounds and sets which potentially can cost more and be less flexible."

Fort Edmonton Park's Capitol Theatre Relies on Digital Projection

"Previously we've had nothing like this in Edmonton, never mind at Fort Edmonton Park," noted Bergen. "Having reopened in August, it's certainly changed the offerings we have for our rental clients as well as our Fort Edmonton Park patrons that want to visit the park year round." 

Fort Edmonton Park's Capitol Theatre Relies on Digital Projection
When asked about the audience and cast reactions to the imagery produced, Bergen replied, "I'm always impressed with the crisp, large scale images we are able to have on stage. In our first production of The Importance of Being Earnest the audience gasped the first time we put an image up. In our film 'Northern Light: An Edmonton Journey' the audience always comments on the beauty of the images, and the unique atmosphere it creates." 

To learn more about the Capitol Theatre's capabilities, please click here to read a recent article written by Sound & Communication magazine. 

Many thanks to Artisan Design for the beautiful application photos.