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Texas Children's Hospital Service Response Center embraces “Lifetime Illumination” LED projection solution
Posted on Thursday, September 13, 2012

“Due to the extraordinary stability of DPI’s LED projectors, the Texas Children’s Hospital’s SRC is truly a 24-7 operations center in every sense of the word.”

-        Thaddeus Leopoulos, senior project consultant, HFP Acoustical Consultants Inc.


Atlanta, GA (6-21-2012) – In a best case scenario, operations centers are critical monitoring facilities that necessitate 24 hour, 7 day a week continual operation in order to properly protect their associated campus.  However, budget restraints and outdated technology infrastructures often dictate that operations teams be decentralized, located in remote branches and dislocated from a central operations platform.  Recently, Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas implemented a video infrastructure update in their Service Response Center (SRC) that allows for a completely centralized, 24/7 monitoring solution.  The primary visual aspect of this update was the employment of two “Lifetime Illumination” rated Digital Projection International (DPI) M-Vision Cine LED projectors, blended to form one large display. 


Texas Children’s Hospital’s SRC monitors all aspects of the campus infrastructure and facilities, including utilities, fire systems, elevator systems, campus security and campus visitation.  Previously, decentralized teams worked to monitor separate aspects of the campus as individual units.  HFP Acoustical Consultants Inc.(HFP), a key provider of AV design and acoustical consulting services for major architectural clients, was brought in to design a holistic system whereupon the different groups could quickly and easily share information, especially in times of crisis.  Whitlock, an international leader in AV integration, video conferencing and managed services solutions, acted as the system integrator.


According to Thaddeus Leopoulos, senior project consultant with HFP, “The overall goal was to create solutions that would foster open and seamless collaboration between all operators.”  To achieve this, one large room was established as the primary operations headquarters for the previously separated teams.  Eight work stations with their own dedicated monitors allow individual team members to work on their own tasks.  Above the work stations, a 20’ screen serves as a massive central monitor so that everyone in the room has the same simultaneous access to critical information.  Furthermore, critical details from one workstation monitor can be pushed to the central monitor in cases where a single operator needs to show the room their data feed.  Touchpads are used to reconfigure the content layout of the screen wall, as well as reassign which screens feed which inputs.


Two blended M-Vision Cine LED projectors, supplied by Digital Projection International, deliver all content to the 20’ Stewart Filmscreen.  Designated as “Lifetime Illumination” displays due to their LED light sources, rated to deliver 60,000+ hours of illumination, DPI’s M-Vision LED projectors deliver a stable 24 hour imaging solution that operates at a fraction of the overall operational costs associated with conventional lamp-based projectors.  “The projectors’ incredible light source lifespan should allow the main screen to be fully operational, 24-7, for over seven years, without replacing a single lamp,” commented Thaddeus Leopoulos.  Brian Dearsman, director of systems integration in Whitlock’s Houston office, added, “The resulting low cost of ownership over the lifetime of the displays is an incredibly valuable selling point for the end-user.” 

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