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Digital Projection Announces Delivery of Multi Format Switcher / Scaler with Dynamic Warp and Blend
Posted on Thursday, February 4, 2010


ATLANTA, GA – February 4, 2010 – Digital Projection Inc. (DPI), an Emmy® Award-winning manufacturer of high performance projection systems, announced the first shipments of the VIP 3000  warp and blend solution.  DPI’s VIP 3000 is a powerful multi-format switcher with the highest quality image processing, specifically optimized for projection applications. Broadly flexible warp and blend capability, combined with superb image scaling, broadcast grade de-interlacing, outstanding noise reduction and image enhancement technology make the VIP 3000 the most powerful warp-enabled image scaler available.
With both switching and video resizing capabilities, the VIP 3000 is a virtual multimedia artist’s toolbox. Primary benefits include:
• A variety of digital, analog and audio inputs for broad source connectivity
• Image Pan, Zoom and rotation, which supports portrait applications
• 4 sided, 8 zone image blending for multi-projector array applications
• 10 bit black-level correction for matching black level in non-blend areas
• Highly capable multipoint Warp – adjusted via an easy to use PC application
• Picture in Picture (even across blend area), provides simultaneous display of multiple sources
• Temporal / Film noise filter and advanced MPEG noise reduction  
• Broadcast quality De-interlacing.
• State of the Art HQV HD Video processing
As a switcher, the VIP 3000 accepts virtually all types of analog and digital video inputs, including HDMI 1.3, DVI, HDSDI, SDI, Component, S-video and composite. For multi-projector applications, one VIP 3000 is employed with each projector. The high quality resizing, combined with pan and zoom functions, eliminates the need to pre-process or rely on multi-head sources for video or HD content. Multiple VIP 3000’s can also be Gen-locked.

For data and graphic-intensive applications, such as command and control or process control, a multi-output graphics card would be used to drive multiple projectors and VIP 3000s to form a large, multi-megapixel display comprised of a matrix of projectors. In this example, each VIP 3000 would assure that the color and black level performance of all projectors matched seamlessly. The VIP 3000’s advanced Warp capability enables this type of resolution-intensive imaging to be applied across curved and other non-traditional screen surfaces.

As another example of a multi-projector application supported by the VIP 3000, two or more projectors can be employed to create a dramatic, ultra-wide video display. In this application, the native output of the video source is distributed to each VIP 3000. The VIP 3000’s Pan and Zoom function is used to grab the portion of the video content to be displayed on each projector, while the Blend capability allows the images to be seamlessly stitched into one giant high resolution image.
Chuck Collins, VP of Commercial AV for Digital Projection Inc., commented, “The VIP 3000 dramatically extends the application capabilities of our award-winning projection displays.  Its superb video processing, image scaling and precise warp and blend make it a powerful tool for single and multi-channel projection applications, for both entertainment and business, on screens of nearly any size or geometry.”