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DP To Launch Full Range of 3D Products
Posted on Friday, January 30, 2009
DP To Launch Full Range of 3D Products

After years of development and the benefit of great guidance from some valued lead customers, Digital Projection is set to launch a comprehensive range of iVision, TITAN and LIGHTNING 3D projectors.

The heart of our new 3-chip DLP™ 3D product lineup is a new, high bandwidth sideboard input, which employs twin-dual DVI connectivity. The bandwidth of this input is so extraordinary, it can accept a full 1080p signal running at up to 120 frames per second (120 Hz). This frame rate is commonly used for the highest quality 3D applications, as it allows 60 frames of distinct content to be delivered to each of the viewer’s left and right eyes. Think flicker-free 3D.

Also think zero latency. DP’s new sideboard input takes a direct path to the DMDs so all sources connected via this input are taking the most efficient route to the screen. Input electronics in most projectors add from 2 - 3+ frames of video delay, which is a consistent challenge for customers with critical live event and I-Mag applications. By comparison, sources connected via our new sideboard input experience only a few lines of delay. Given there are 1080 lines in a frame of 1080p video, a few lines of delay is imperceptible.

The scope of our 3D product line will be disclosed in full detail in early February, but we can share the following facts now:

    · The lineup will cover a light output range from 2,000 – 20,000 lumens.
    · Contrast will approach 6000:1 on some models (this is the true native, full on to full off contrast – no active manipulation of the signal and no pumping of light output by use of an active aperture).
    · 120 Hz is the maximum input frame rate for sources with 1080p resolution, but lower resolution sources can be displayed at even higher frame rates.
    · All 3D models will also include DP’s acclaimed NextGen™ electronics, so beyond the high bandwidth sideboard input, full connectivity with all common source formats and input types is still maintained. Furthermore, DP’s extraordinary ColorMax™ and Xenon Color Mode capabilities remain intact.

That’s all we can share for now…we will reveal all the details of our 3D product line, including pricing and availability, when we launch in early February. It’s time to start thinking DP in 3D!