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DekTec`s mission is to design and manufacture digital-video PCIe and standalone interface adapters with associated software for acquisition and distribution of content in digital signage, hospitality, T&M and OEM markets. DekTec offers modulators PCIe cards, Networked interfaces and video over IP/ RF troubleshooting tools. DekTec works with end users, reseller and integrators.

Model: DTU-236A-RSX

Light-weight, easy-to-use RF adapter for tuning to any UHF/VHF or cable channel in the 44 to 1002-MHz range. Supports for all QAM variants, auto-sensing 44-MHz IF support. Sensitive front-end allowing
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Inetsat Upgrades Its Offering With New DekTec SDI/ASI Cards
Posted on Friday, December 11, 2020
Inetsat Upgrades Its Offering With New DekTec SDI/ASI Cards

Dec. 11, 2020 - Inetsat, a longtime customer of DekTec cards, offers a cloud-based playout platform that can serve as an alternative for distributing TV channels via satellite. The cloud is used for media distribution, in combination with video servers that play out TV channels at central or remote facilities.

Major broadcasters and service providers use Inetsat’s product for primary play-out, disaster recovery, ad insertion and localization. The video servers support all resolutions from SD to UHD, and play out over SDI (uncompressed) or TS (compressed) over ASI or IP.

Pablo Salomon, Inetsat’s CEO, comments: "We offer the most flexible playout platform in the market. The flexibility of the DekTec cards is an excellent match to our system philosophy."

"With the advent of the new Colorado line of ASI/SDI combo cards, Inetsat has now deployed the DTA-2172 and DTA-2174B. The new cards offer a small footprint, higher density, and lower cost solution, allowing Inetsat to offer more flexible and cost-effective solutions to networks around the world" says Stephane Billat, GM of DekTec America Inc. "The Inetsat crew is very professional and very pleasant to work with. We are proud to have Inetsat as one of our happy and growing customers."