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DekTec on WAN and Video Over IP Transmission
Posted on Wednesday, January 4, 2017
DekTec on WAN and Video Over IP Transmission

Questions about WANs and Video Over IP Transmission come up all of the time. We took the most common questions and put together a checklist of information. It's available here:

With the proliferation of Ethernet network and computer in the video world, many companies are replacing traditional video link like satellite, microwave links, dedicated video link with Ethernet links. One of the big advantage of Ethernet links is that they are typically bidirectional. The forward channel can be used for sending the video and audio as the reverse path can be used for monitoring the receiver site for example. For most real-time point to point application, most user transmit Transport Stream over IP transmission as specified in the SMPTE2022 set of standard. The video and audio is encoded into some compression format (MPEG-2 H.264, H.265, JPEG2000 etc..) and packaged into the MPEG-2 Transport Stream format (TS). The TS is then encapsulated over IP/ Ethernet for transmission.

Topics that come up frequently include:

 - WANs, LANs and how they work together

 - Can I do anything else but unicast for my application?

 - What’s Fire and Forget?

 - What can go wrong in my transmission?

 - How can I protect my video transmission over the network?

 - What types of FEC are most effective and what are the costs?

 - Why are unknown paths important?


More information available here: