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BTX Technologies InfoComm 2013 Preview
Posted on Wednesday, May 29, 2013

 BTX Technologies InfoComm 2013 Preview

June 12-14 
Orlando, Fla.
Booth 3759
Company Quote:
"InfoComm 2013 will be an exciting show for BTX. Not only are we introducing our new fiber lab capabilities, but we are also releasing our new 2013 A/V Catalog and unveiling our brand new website. At our booth, attendees will get to experience demonstrations from ZeeVee for delivering HD video over coax cable; Just Add Power's HD over IP video solutions; Net Display Systems' digital signage software; and Stinova's Android digital signage solution. All demos will be shown using Philips digital signage displays. There will also be new products from many of our distributed lines, making BTX a must-see booth at InfoComm for new products and technologies that help deliver faster, better, and more profitable installations."
-- Greg Schwartz, President of BTX Technologies. 
BTX Products on Display at InfoComm 2013: 
New BTX Products and Capabilities: 
New BTX Fiber-Optics Lab and opticalCON(R) Certification
With a new state-of-the-art fiber-optics lab at its headquarters, BTX now offers a full line of fiber system solutions for high-definition audio and video applications. Active since January, the lab is staffed by a team of highly trained technicians and features the most advanced automated termination and test equipment. These new capabilities complement BTX's existing offering of copper assembly and custom plate and panel solutions. BTX has been designated by Neutrik(R) -- a leading manufacturer of audio connectors -- as a Certified Assembler for its opticalCON(R) line of fiber-optic connectors. BTX's fiber product portfolio also includes fiber snakes, jumpers, and breakout boxes, in addition to products from AFL, Atlona(R), Belden, Gefen, Kramer, OCC, RDL, Senko, and TE Connectivity. 
Photo Caption: opticalCON(R) Fiber
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BTX Pro Plates and Panel Software and Products
With the continued expansion of BTX's Pro Plates and Panel software, users can design, configure, specify, and order custom wall plates and panels easier than ever before by using drag-and-drop technology. These wall plates and panels are available in standard anodized aluminum, colored laminated aluminum, formed anodized aluminum, brass, and many other options. 
Photo Caption: BTX Pro Plate and Panel Designer Software
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Photo Caption: BTX Pro Plates and Panels
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New Products From BTX Partners: 
Atlona(R) HDBaseT(TM) Matrix Switchers and Extenders 
The new Atlona(R) PRO3HD HDMI(R) input matrix switchers use HDBaseT(TM) technology to extend HDMI outputs up to 230 feet (70 m) and use Power over Category cable (PoCc) to eliminate the need for separate power supplies. The switchers can also be controlled via TCP/IP, RS-232, IR remote control, and front panel displays. S/PDIF outputs allow audio distribution to zone amplifiers, while the 6x6 model offers two HDMI mirrored outputs to support local monitors and distribution amplifiers. Atlona HDBaseT matrix switchers complement and complete HDVS system setups.
Atlona HDVS extender/scaler products are designed to smooth the transition from analog to digital sources. While some systems use HDMI computers or document cameras, there are still numerous VGA computers in use today. The components can function as a complete system, offering switching, scaling, and control within simpler systems, or for more complex applications such as videoconference and telepresence facilities, enable both HDMI and VGA/analog audio input to larger switchers. 
Photo Caption: Atlona High-Speed HDMI(R) 4x4 and 6x6 Matrix Switchers
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Photo Caption: Atlona HDVS Extender/Scaler Family
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GefenPRO Series
Gefen's new products include three new splitters available in 1:2, 1:4, and 1:8 distributions for HDMI(R), delivering resolutions up to 4K to all connected displays simultaneously. Switchers are also available in 4x1, 4x2, and 6x2 configurations, and an extender for 4K Ultra HD delivers resolutions up to 4K along with RS-232 and bidirectional IR using a single fiber-optic cable -- enabling distances up to 1000 feet (300 m).
The GefenPRO 32x32 and 16x16 Modular Matrix solutions for HDMI come in metallic frames that can accommodate a custom mix of up to 16 or 32 HDMI inputs and outputs. Output boards are also available in 8x increments for HDMI with optional 8x HDBaseT(TM) modules and separate receiver units. Users can select either an 8x HDMI output board for local display connections or an 8x ELR (extra-long range) output board for extending HDMI with bidirectional IR up to 330 feet (100 m) using a single standard Cat 5 cable per display.
Photo Caption: Gefen 4K 6x2 Matrix Switcher
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Just Add Power 2G+ HD-SDI Over IP Transmitter
The new Just Add Power 2G+ HD-SDI over IP transmitter enables high-definition digital video to be broadcast over IP connections with a 1000-percent increase in specified network speed. Installers can replicate crystal-clear 1080p video quality that is indistinguishable from source content to satisfy high-installation standards. Compatible with the complete 2G/2G+ family of HD over IP products, the transmitter also features an HDMI(R) pass-through port for feeding audio to central amplifiers; an integrated stereo audio extractor with programmable audio delay; a 3.5-mm RS-232 port with integrated null modem for easy integration with all RS-232 controlled devices and accessories; and an independent CEC over IP CPU with new Pico processor.
Photo Caption: Just Add Power 2G+ HD-SDI Over IP Transmitter
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Net Display Systems PADS4 Release 2
The latest digital signage software from Net Display Systems (NDS) is PADS4 release 2, which features an intelligent sub-server system to replicate content and fully automate routing to ensure that systems are continuously operational. The sub-server system also adds system load balancing to minimize network traffic, which is ideal in larger enterprise environments. For simpler administration, active directory integration manages users, rights, and roles within an organization, in addition to adopting the active directory organizational structure. LDAP further facilitates the process by ensuring logon validation without any intervention from system administrators. For more effective advertisements, PADS4 release 2 also offers a new proof-of-play feature that offers a mechanism to record, view, and process logos for advisements or any other content being played. 
Photo Caption: Net Display Systems PADS4 Release 2
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Philips Commercial Signage Disp