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Posted on Thursday, December 17, 2009

Standalone or fully networked solution delivers affordable high security.

Black Box Network Services, an industry-leading provider of voice communications, data infrastructure, and product solutions, is now offering Intelli-Pass™ (SAC510NA, SAC510SA), a cost-effective biometric fingerprint ID system for ensuring authorized entry into secure areas of a building.

Intelli-Pass offers a higher level of intrusion prevention than similarly priced biometric fingerprint systems available. It boasts advanced fingerprint recognition technology and a unique two-part architecture with an anti-tamper design, making it immune to attack at the door. Reader and controller units are separate, and all the mechanics for opening the door install in the protected area, which means a potential intruder can’t cut wires or spoof signals to unlock the door. Even better, the system uses proprietary encryption to secure communications between reader and controller.

Because it’s a two-factor authentication system, Intelli-Pass requires both a finger scan and a PIN for access. Enrolling users is easy. When a person is entered into the system, it creates a multipoint schematic of their fingerprint profile, storing it as a fingerprint template (the system doesn’t store fingerprint images, and the biometric template can’t be used to create an image of the original print). Then, each time that user tries to access a secure area, the system compares their live fingerprint to the template. It even goes as far as looking for lifelike characteristics in the finger, too. The result: a much higher level of accuracy and reliability (EER <0.1%).

The system is available in both standalone and networked versions. Networked readers can be installed on an unlimited number of doors in different buildings and managed centrally on a network using the available management software—or even remotely from anywhere in the world via a TCP/IP connection. Audit trails give you a record of who’s entering and leaving, and a time-banding feature enables you to grant access to rooms by users for only a certain length of time.

Intelli-Pass is the ideal solution for securing areas with expensive equipment, sensitive records, and other assets. It’s particularly ideal for government, military, and biomedical R&D applications, as well as hospital, educational, and corporate settings, as well as applications where you need to integrate access control into an existing data network.

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