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Bittree Reseller OM Systems Completes Two Large Patchbay Installations
Posted on Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Bittree Reseller OM Systems Completes Two Large Patchbay Installations
Leading Uruguay Broadcaster Chooses Bittree for First OB Vehicle; Patchbays Also Chosen for DTH Satellite Provider's New Facility
GLENDALE, Calif. — March 26, 2014 — Bittree today announced that its Argentinean distributor, OM Systems, has recently completed two high-profile customer projects integrating Bittree patching equipment. OM Systems installed a suite of Bittree's high-bandwidth Micro-Video patchbays in the first OB van for a major broadcaster in Uruguay, and completed a large installation of Bittree three-row monitor patchbays for a leading direct-to-home satellite provider serving the Argentina and Columbia markets.  
"As one of the leading patchbay manufacturers in the broadcast market, Bittree was the ideal choice to meet both of these customers' complex requirements," said Gabriel Sfara, technical manager at OM Systems. "The Bittree patching equipment is well-known for its reliability and durability; for instance, we did a major installation for a telco in Argentina several years ago, and the Bittree patchbays are still working perfectly."
For its new OB van, the Montevideo, Uruguay-based broadcaster purchased five Bittree 2 x 48 Micro-Video patch panels and two high-density, 2 x 48 front-programmable Audio Bantam patch panels together with video and audio patchcords. 
After comparing technical specifications and pricing among different patch panel suppliers, the satellite provider chose Bittree for its new headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There, OM Systems installed 100 2 x 24 high-bandwidth WECO video patchbays, 58 high-bandwidth Mini-WECO video patchbays in 1x32 to 2x32 configurations, and eight internally programmable audio patchbays. The installation also includes 200 WECO video patchcords, 200 video-to-BNC patchcords, and 50 Mini-WECO patchcords. 
"In both of these customer engagements, OM Systems did an excellent job of demonstrating the reliability of Bittree patching systems and selling the breadth of our solutions," said Glenn Garrard, CEO, Bittree. "The satellite provider, for instance, needed a patchbay vendor that could provide a wide selection of different solutions. OM Systems knew Bittree was well-equipped to provide a full range of models that would meet the customer's exacting requirements."