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Midd-West High School Upgrades Stadium with Community R SERIES Loudspeakers
Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Midd-West High School Upgrades Stadium with Community R SERIES Loudspeakers

Midd-West School District in Middleburg, Pennsylvania is comprised of two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. The newly formed Midd-West High School combined Middleburg High School and West Synder High School, resulting in the formation of a new football team after a 15-year co-op with East Juniata.  The stadium upgrades at the new high school became important, with the sound system being a top priority.

Midd-West’s prior stadium sound system was not enough to withstand the types of crowds they were expecting. For the new sound system, they turned to Gelnett & Associates, a leading audiovisual business performing audio installation service located in Northumberland, Pennsylvania. Community loudspeakers were chosen for the project due to their clarity, their ability to withstand weather conditions and Gelnett & Associates’ years of experience working with Community products.

As part of the renovation, Midd-West High School upgraded their current stadium sound system with Community R SERIES loudspeakers. Previously, the audience was unable to hear the sound system located from the scoreboard at the end of the field. The new Community R.5-94Z speakers were installed on light poles above the bleacher area providing a closer and fuller range sound for not only the announcer but for enhanced music performance during warm-ups and half-time shows.

“Our experience with Gelnett was fantastic and they went above and beyond to make sure the project was completed in time for opening night,” said Bree Solomon, the Athletic Director of Midd-West School District. “The sound system sounded incredible and the fans were really excited they could actually hear the announcer.”