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Series: Phonum

Model: Phonum

Part #: 710830

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PHONUM connects to your source (be it PC, laptop or mobile device) by simple way of Bluetooth or USB. It contains three microphone capsules and allows you to choose between three different pickup patterns. Omnidirectional for pick up in a full 360 degree pattern. Cardioid, for just picking up voice from the front of the unit. And lastly, Voice tracking mode. Using Voice Compass technology combined with beamsteering microphones, the PHONUM actually tracks whoever is speaking at that moment and directs the capsules to pick up from that particular voice. PHONUM has a simple to use touch screen control on top that lets you control answering/ending calls, volume up and down, pickup pattern changing and bluetooth search activation. The speaker on the Phonum is a downward facing 360 degree design. This makes sure that everyone sitting around the device can hear the speaker on the other end of the call equally all around the room. The Phonum also comes with a 15 hour battery life per charge, so you don't have to worry about it running out of power half way through your work day. It also comes with a small hard shell zip up carrying case making it perfect for traveling and use both at home or in the office.

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