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Star Award 2008
Posted on Thursday, October 30, 2008

20th October 2008 – Autoscript, a Vitec Group brand and the world’s leading teleprompting company, has won a TVT STAR Award for its new line of TFT screens introduced at IBC 2008. The STAR (Superior Technology Award Recipient) Award is given by the editorial team of TV Technology Europe magazine and is designed to celebrate and showcase the preeminent technological innovations available to the broadcast industry.
Autoscript’s new range of thin film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display screens were developed in collaboration with control card manufacturer Digital View Group. The screens feature LED backlit displays which reduce weight, power consumption and heat generation.
The technology alliance with Digital View enables greater picture quality and more advanced service diagnostics, providing information such as run life and taking TFT management to a new level of support. These benefits deliver greater reliability, performance and longer TFT life.
This is the second successive year that Autoscript has been presented with a TVT STAR Award. At IBC 2007 Autoscript won for its new ELP-8DV field-portable prompting system.
Brian Larter, Worldwide Managing Director, Autoscript, said “We are delighted to accept the coveted TVT Star Award for the second year running. It’s an award which is all the more valuable since it independently recognises the sheer behind-the-scenes effort it takes to develop advances that truly benefit the industry.”Mark Hallinger, Editor of TV Technology Europe, added “STAR awards are given to new products that help a user save money or accomplish a task in an easier way.”
The TV Technology editorial staff reviewed a variety of products at IBC 2C08 and examined their technical applications and overall contribution to the industry before alighting on the winners.

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Established in the UK in 1984, with headquarters in the US and the UK, Autoscript is the world leader in the prompting industry. Autoscript provides a complete range of PC-based teleprompters, the best designed and built hardware, PC cards and software, and with our expanding line of intuitive accessories, we are the new definition in prompting. Autoscript is a member of the Vitec Group. For more information please visit


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