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Arista Corporation Announces the AVC-1006-S1H4 SDI/HDMI Switcher and Quad HDMI Output Splitter
Posted on Friday, October 12, 2018
Arista Corporation Announces the AVC-1006-S1H4 SDI/HDMI Switcher and Quad HDMI Output Splitter

Fremont, CA – October 2018… Arista Corporation, recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of video wall LCD displays, AV extenders, matrix switchers, AV MultiViewers, and related products for the AV installation and industrial markets, announces the AVC-1006-S1H4 SDI/HDMI® Switcher and Quad HDMI Output Splitter. Designed for event production where an SDI or HDMI video signal is to be displayed on multiple large format LCD screens, the AVC-1006-S1H4 combines frequently required tasks to increase functionality in demanding production environments.


When used with Arista’s ADM-2155BP 55-inch large format multi-touch LCD display, the new AVC-1006-S1H4 turns the ADM-2155BP into a multifunctional large format stage monitor that can accept either SDI or HDMI video signals. Further, up to four additional large screen displays with HDMI inputs can display the same video content that is displayed on the stage monitor (ADM-2155BP). The AVC-1006-S1H4 also provides an SDI loopback that can be used to connect to a small SDI monitor positioned closer to the presenter.


By integrating the new AVC-1006-S1H4 with Arista’s RS-121 1RU Rackmount Computer, the resulting product—identified as the RS-121-S1H4—adds SDI/HDMI switching and HDMI output splitter functionality to a convenient form factor housing a Windows PC. This combination enables presenters to conveniently show presentations and related computer-based materials on multiple displays. In this configuration, the RS-121-S1H4 adds SDI/HDMI switcher capability and provides up to five HDMI outputs. The RS-121-S1H4 can be easily rack mounted.


Arista’s new AVC-1006-S1H4 can also be plugged into the company’s RS-123 Universal Rackmount Extender using either the ARD-1006-A07-TX transmitter card or, for distances over 330 feet, the ARD-1006-B31-TX optical fiber transmitter card. This configuration enables a local SDI or HDMI source to be displayed on up to four large screen TV’s on stage plus an optional SDI monitor close to presenter if an SDI video source is connected. Further, this configuration can also serve as a video extension to a remote site up to 300 feet (ARD-1006-A07-TX) or 1,000 feet (ARD-1006-B31-TX).


Paul Shu, President of Arista Corporation, commented on the company’s AVC-1006-S1H4 SDI/HDMI Switcher and Quad HDMI Output Splitter, “The AVC-1006-S1H4 is a compact, versatile tool that can easily interface with and increase the capabilities of our presentation systems products. This unit makes it easy to display content on multiple displays while adding the capability to switch between SDI or HDMI sources. I’m confident that for corporate presentations and similar applications where the ability to convey on-screen information to large audiences across multiple displays is required, the AVC-1006-S1H4 will be a welcome addition.”


The Arista AVC-1006-S1H4 SDI/HDMI Switcher and Quad HDMI Output Splitter carries a starting MSRP of $450. All products are now available.


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