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Grace Lutheran Church
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Located in Port Townsend, WA, Grace Lutheran Church serves the community through its Sunday and mid-week worship services, special holiday services, and bible study groups.

In addition, the church participates in numerous mission causes both local (food bank service) and international (outreach on behalf of Ugandan orphans).


Intelligibility and pattern control were the two most important qualities the church sought in their new system. An Ease Focus model was utilized to ensure loudspeaker positioning and aiming that would keep sound focused on the audience area and off the rear wall to avoid reflections.

With this determined, two Desono ENT212 Column Line Source Loudspeakers and six Desono KUBO5T Surface Mount Loudspeakers were selected as the ideal choices to provide the necessary sound quality and power while also complementing the aesthetics of the space. SMAART analysis during the system commissioning process confirmed EASE predictions for coverage were spot on.


The installation of the Desono speakers went off without a hitch, and the church staff and parishioners were both extremely happy with the results.

The new sound system was completed just in time for Easter Sunday services, with many attendees commenting after the service that it was the best sound they had ever heard within the walls of the church.