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CBS- Infinity Set at Inside Edition

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CBS- Infinity Set at Inside Edition
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Inside Edition is broadcasted from New York city, where CBS houses the show’s main production facilities and virtual set in a flexible, multi-purpose studio. The virtual set features a number of virtually collapsable screens to host the videos. The presenter is shot in a 40x20 feet (12x6 meters) cyclorama and then immersed in the virtual set using InfinitySet. 

The show is shot live, daily, with a technical setup comprising three InfinitySet +Track with InfinitySet Player licenses plus an InfinitySet Controller. The cameras combine two tracked PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) robotic heads plus a specially calibrated tracked crane, all of them sending signals to the Ultimatte Chroma Keyer, which then feeds the video+key signal to the Infinity Set workstations. The whole setup of cameras and InfinitySet is manned by just one operator, which demonstrates an extremely efficient and automated operation.

Inside Edition takes advantage of InfinitySet’s patented TrackFree™ technology, which allows the seamless combination of real and virtual camera movements with precise perspective matching. Unlike any other virtual set system, InfinitySet converts the talent into CBS INFINITY SET AT INSIDE EDITION Premiered in 1989, Inside Edition is the longest-running syndicated newsmagazine program that is not strictly focused on entertainment news. Brainstorm’s InfinitySet is performing at its best at the heart of this daily production. a 3D object, so the 2D movements of the talent in the video frame are translated to the 3D environment as XYZ movements, not only sideways but also forward and backwards in relation to the camera. The InfinitySet +Track stations combine the video+key signal coming from the Ultimatte with the virtual set, matching the virtual set’s movements with those of the tracked cameras with total precision and accuracy. 

The InfinitySet Controller is at the heart of the system, controlling the output from each InfinitySet player dedicated to each camera, and acting as a production studio thanks to its software-based production mixer. Another industry-first feature InfinitySet adds to Inside Edition is the ability to apply selective defocus on the scene, based on the camera parameters, which adds further realism to the final scene.

As it is based on the eStudio render engine, InfinitySet allows the operator to access all the possibilities and parameters available while enabling the easy drag-and-drop creation of customized interfaces for simple and intuitive control. The GUI (Graphic User Interface) is fully customizable, so the user can see just a few buttons for basic animations or fully detailed control panels for complex tasks. 

For Inside Edition, Brainstorm has created a purpose-built GUI panel that shows only the required tools on each moment depending on the requirements of the show. This provides total control over any feature required by the operator which simplifies the operation up to the extent of requiring just one person to run the program on the technical side.

According to Rich Cervini, SVP Production & Technical Operations at CBS Television Distribution, “It is impressive to see how InfinitySet was able to be customized to exactly match our requirements. Also, the purpose-built interface allowed us to have a comprehensive, easy-to-use application which any operator can control almost immediately to the full extent of the system’s capabilities.”