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Large Planar LED Video Wall Creates a Buzz in Texas Sports Bar

Founded in 2001 with a single location, BoomerJack's Grill and Bar has since expanded to 13 locations (and growing) across Dallas-Fort Worth, offering delicious food, cheap cold drinks and a laid-back atmosphere for watching sports. BoomerJack's incredible growth can be owed to its successful business formula for drawing customers in: an easy-going vibe, the friendliest service, and a happy hour that lasts all day, every day.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and now with the addition of a 16-foot-wide, 9-foot-high Planar LED video wall in the new Grapevine location, BoomerJack's has one of the biggest LED video walls installed in a restaurant and bar in Texas. The new BoomerJack's installation features a Planar TVF Series LED video wall with a 2.5mm pixel pitch (TVF2.5) composed of eight LED cabinets in width and eight LED cabinets high (8x8).

The Planar TVF Series is a family of fine pitch LED video wall displays that offer front serviceability and a creative stackable design that eliminates cabinet-to-cabinet cabling and reduces the complexity of installation and vertical alignment. With a profile of less than three inches and cabling clutter removed, the need for extra space around the video wall is dramatically reduced, creating a seamless video wall display in the restaurant and bar interior.

The perfect addition for a sports bar in a sports town

Offering wall-to-wall TVs, BoomerJack's caters to the local sports enthusiasts who love to enjoy a drink and food while supporting their team. With that in mind, it was a natural fit to include a large video wall in the main dining space of the new BoomerJack's, according to CFO Bruce Hvidsten.

"All the locations have a large TV footprint, but this is far and away the largest screen that we've ever installed," Hvidsten said. "It adds a communal effect to the overall experience at BoomerJack's."

Although the Planar TVF Series LED video wall offers the flexibility to split the screen, BoomerJack's prefers to show one feed across the entire display to maximize the patrons' view of the game.

"Though it's too early to tell, the Grapevine location appears to be our strongest opening to date," Hvidsten said. "The amount of buzz that the video wall has created in the community has been quite impressive. The feedback we get is that people are amazed from the moment they step in and see HD definition on a display that size."

With the amount of enthusiasm already generated by the Planar TVF Series LED video wall, BoomerJack's is looking forward to the start of football season.

"Once college football begins and the Dallas Cowboys are playing, we'll really know the effect of the video wall," said Danica Brown, BoomerJack's marketing agent. "But we anticipate big crowds."