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Wall-to-Wall LED Displays Create Ultimate Viewing Experience at Oklahoma City Sports Bar

Patrons who visit Chalk Sports Bar in Oklahoma City are at once surrounded—and immersed—in a brightly colored world of sports fueled by LED displays that cover the majority of wall surface at the 7,500-square-foot establishment. The luxury sports bar is the result of a vision concocted by four fans who wanted to open a place that could deliver a sense of shock and awe to any sports lover. These four fans created the bar of their dreams—a place that overwhelms the senses with vivid displays and tasty food options.

To execute their idea, the partners teamed up with Oklahoma City-based Cory's Audio Visual to install 100 LED video wall displays that add up to more than 1,600 square feet of digital surface area. Among the LED displays are technologies from Planar that include:

  • Seven Planar TVF Series LED video walls with a 1.8mm pixel pitch (TVF1.8) ranging 10 to 14 feet wide—each custom configured to split into four areas of content
  • A Planar VersaLight™ Series indoor LED video wall with a 2.5mm pixel pitch (VLI2.5) mounted to the entry ceiling to run real-time sports betting odds and updates
  • Six 98-inch Planar® QE Series 4K LCD displays

The Planar TVF Series is a family of fine pitch LED video wall displays with front serviceability and a creative stackable design that reduces the complexity of installation. Offering a profile of less than three inches and removing cabinet-to-cabinet cabling, the Planar TVF Series eliminates cabling clutter and the need for extra space around the video wall—allowing for a seamless integration with the Chalk Sports Bar environment.

The Planar VersaLight Series is a family of LED video wall displays designed with flexibility to support a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Offering a quick-install, self-supporting mounting system and self-contained LED cabinet design, Planar VersaLight Series is an ideal solution for a wide range of unique, video wall installations, including wall and ceiling mounts.

The Planar QE Series is a line of Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160) LCD displays that support native 4K resolution, providing a dynamic digital signage solution.

A visual environment like no other

The interior of the sports bar is designed with a dark wall surface that enables a stark contrast against the sweeping coverage of LED displays—delivering the shock and awe that was envisioned with the bar.

"This is an experience, not just a restaurant and bar," said Britt Gotcher, senior vice president at Cory's Audio Visual. "To be able to watch multiple games from across the world at once in such an elaborate fashion is unheard of in our region, which has a strong passion for sports."
According to Gotcher, the Planar displays are easy to both install and maintain. "Having access to Planar professional technicians was an added benefit as they were onsite to guide our team during the installation process," he said.

Due to the size of the investment in the Planar displays, Gotcher felt it necessary that the Chalk owners first see the products up close and in person. "Having the ability to take the owners to a manufacturing facility and showroom at Planar Headquarters was helpful in making them feel comfortable with the systems and our team—it was an exceptional experience," Gotcher said.

"The magnitude of everything that Cory's Audio Visual integrated into this project is unreal," said Chalk co-owner Ben Mason. "The numbers blow me away. Wrapping your mind around 100 displays and miles of cabling in a building the size of Chalk is impossible until you see it for yourself."