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IVCi Test Lab Solution
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IVCi  is a leading provider of collaboration solutions designed to bring people together- no matter where they are or what technology they have. Their mission is to enable their customers to improve their business and bottom line by unleashing the collective power of their people through collaboration.

With over two decades of proven experience, IVCi focuses on the successful deployment of collaboration solutions by providing services that aim to align technology with business goals and objectives.



With two different rooms, both being used by their IT department for testing out new ideas and technologies, the client had a few challenges. Needing furniture to match their atmosphere and their aesthetics, this client looked to IVCi to help them with their situation. They wanted to add a new Cisco Spark Board 55 and the Cisco Spark Room Kit Plus to the adjacent rooms of this collaborative space. The goal was to deliver visually appealing rooms, while also providing easy-to-use functional spaces, so the IT department could quickly begin collaborating. 

The client reached out to IVCi, their trusted collaboration partner, for both design and installation services. The biggest challenge in this implementation was our lcient's limited facilities budget. IVCi was tasked to build solutions within the existing spaces, including reusing a table and cable cubby. Also, there was a lack of conduit and no access to the wall for structural mounting support.

IVCi was tasked with finding a minimally invasive way to incorporate these new collaboration tools to overcome the client's challenges.



The client relied on IVCi to create the exact collaboration environment needed for the spaces. Not only did IVCi's design team respond quickly, but they also delivered customized solutions that far exceeded all others.

IVCi was able to leverage their premier partnership with Cisco and their solid partnership with AVTEQ to create customized stands for these unique spaces. With a DynamiQ wall-stand in each room including one with the prototype Cisco Room Kit mount, this solution was a perfect fit for their IT department.

IVCi provided the Cisco Touch 10 scree, a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the conference room table. Their expertly trained programmers have a deep knowledge of control platforms, so they were able to design an interface to meet the client's exact needs and specifications.

IVCi incorporated the DynamiQ wall stand into both adjacent rooms. With a slim design, this wall stand conceals all unwanted cables and electronics within the cabinet space, while showcasing the mounted Cisco Spark Board. This stand includes an easy glide height adjustability feature and is anchored to the wall while the majority of the weight is supported through the floor.

With open lines of frequent communication, IVCi and AVTEQ worked well together to meet the client's deadlines. When necessary, IVCi was able to immediately ship product overnight to maintain tight schedules. As a team, we were able to quickly address and solve our client's needs.



As a result of this successful collaboration and implementation, the client's end-users can now enter the space and immediately begin collaborating seamlessly with their peers across the globe. Also, based on this initial installation, IVCi and AVTEQ are now able to work together to create a corporate-wide room standard that can be replicated across the client's entire organization. This will enable their end-users to be immediately comfortable with using any new space, since the solution will be familiar. Not only would this standard reduce frustration and drive adoption among our client's employees, but it would also streamline progress by having a single provider (the IVCi and AVTEQ team) for all solutions.


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