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Marshall HD Miniature Cameras Enable Unique POV Shots, Rain or Shine!

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Marshall HD Miniature Cameras Enable Unique POV Shots, Rain or Shine!
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New Weatherproof HD Miniature Cameras from Marshall Electronics Enable All-Weather Broadcast-Quality POV Footage

Case Study on CV502-WPMB at the U.S. Open

Marshall's new weatherproof CV502-WPMB cameras launch on Monday June 20th, and already are getting prime time broadcast duties this weekend at the U.S. Open in Oakmont, PA covered by FOX.

Jeff Silverman from Inertia Unlimited, planned on using the CV502-MB mini-HD cameras to cover the event throughout the weekend, but when thunderstorms appeared on the forecast for Thursday & Friday qualifying rounds, the weatherproof CV502-WPMB were called into action.

Mission: Install 2 x CV502-WPMB cameras into the 17th Hole "Big Mouth" bunker to cover a higher percentage of players that land or roll into this sand trap over others on the course.

Jeff was provided 15 minutes by the grounds crew on Wednesday to install 2 CV502-WPMB cameras which included digging holes, running cable, setting up shot, and testing signal. Cameras were installed on green side of trap so as not to be expose to ball direction during game play.

Although as we know video footage of a "direct hit" are always fan favorites and make it on air, much like the Alonzo crash during the F1 Australian Grand Prix where a Marshall CV200 got taken out just before the car took flight, the placement of these cameras will ensure great footage throughout duration of the tournament.

These cameras will be using a new Touchscreen RCP Unit (in final stages of development) to remote paint, shade, and adjust each camera. The ability for Remote adjust control of these cameras provides a huge competitive advantage in outdoor broadcast events due to constant changes in conditions.

If you're watching any of the U.S. Open coverage throughout the weekend, take note of the fixed POV camera footage covering those players (about 22%) that land in the sand at the 17th Hole, and close-up coverage will be captured by the new Marshall CV502-WPMB.

About the CV502-WPMB
The new CV502-WPMB Weatherproof Miniature Camera is an all-weather version of the integrator favorite CV-502-MB, made famous for capturing Full-HD video at fast 59.94 fps in a less than 2x2" package. The new CV502-WPMB is perfect for outdoor applications including sporting events, nature observation, weather coverage, news coverage and reality TV.

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Capture Stunning Full-HD Video from Marshall Mini-HD Cameras

The Full-HD 3G/HD-SDI CV502 Mini Broadcast Camera is built around a 1/3" 2.5MP sensor, set in a 1 ½-inch body with 3.7mm (interchangeable) Lens. 
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The Full-HD 3G/HD-SDI CV343 Compact Broadcast Camera also features a 1/3" 2.5MP sensor, housed in a 2 ½-inch body with CS/C lens mount and DC Auto-Iris.
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