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BBQ Goes High-Tech with Kramer Electronics

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BBQ Goes High-Tech with Kramer Electronics
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BBQ Goes High-Tech with Kramer Electronics
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Each year, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo showcases prize animals, spectacular rodeo performances, world class entertainment, and mouthwatering BBQ. This year, the World Championship BBQ Cook Off attracted over 230,000 visitors to more than 250 sponsored tents. Among them was the tent hosted by the Fowl Feathered Cookers, supported by the Poultry Auction Committee.

The committee wanted to show its appreciation to the volunteers and donors by showing high-quality videos inthe BBQ Cook Off tent, but the temporary space presented limitations for wiring audio and video. They needed to send and receive high definition video across 300 feet of space. In addition, the installation had to be completed in a single morning, making a simple solution even more important.

The committee turned to Summit Integration Systems, a local audio video integrator, who recommended a VGA signal be run to two ceiling-mounted projectors. The cable length was still an issue, both from an aesthetics and a technical performance point of view, according to Summit Integration Systems Account Executive Geoff Marolda. “There were so many potential problems with a VGA cable that long,” said Marolda. “No signal, no audio, programs starting at the same time, expensive cable runs – we needed to find a simple and quick solution.”

Marolda recommended a Kramer Electronics VP-200K VGA distribution amplifier and two sets of Kramer Electronics TP-141 and TP-142 HDBaseT transmitters and receivers to work with new commercial grade Kramer VGA premade 6-foot cables. Not only was this system an excellent solution that would assure quality video and reliability, it was also cost-effective. “The transmitter/receiver combination was ideal because it had zero performance issues on a great budget,” Marolda said. “I have used them in schools to fix similar issues when money was tight and technology needed to be simple. They are easy, effective and budget-friendly.”

The wireless transmitter/receivers convert the computer graphics video and audio to twisted pair signals and back again, resulting in crystal clear video. The combination is ideal for presentation rooms, schools and hospitals, where long-range graphics distribution is crucial.

The result: crystal clear high definition video in the BBQ tent, along with the decision that the committee would upgrade to a digital signal using HDMI for a fully integrated AV system in next year’s tent!