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NEC Display: Kris Graves Photography Develops Success with NEC Display

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NEC Display: Kris Graves Photography Develops Success with NEC Display
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Guggenheim Museum photographer Kris Graves uses NEC's color-critical monitor for photo and video editing because it offers realistic colors and improves workflow..

Quick Facts

  • Facility: Kris Graves Projects
  • Location: Long Island City, NY
  • Challenge: Provide photorealistic colors for professional printing of photos; Improve workflow between photo and video editing
  • Solution: 27” NEC MultiSync PA272W-BK-SV with SpectraViewII™ color calibration software
  • Date: August 2013

Based out of the vibrant city of New York, Kris Graves’s modest photography studio off of his apartment may suit the nature of his minimalist photography style, but it belies the depth found in his photos. Since 2004, Graves has worked on numerous photography and video projects and boasts an extensive portfolio, along with various published works

For Graves, photography isn’t merely the recording of an image as it is for most of us. It’s an art form he pursues with passion. Specializing in dramatic landscapes in all sorts of settings – urban, rural, and some of the most remote locations on the planet – Graves seeks to share the wonders of the world with those who view his work, whether it is as an individual print, on a website or in one of the numerous books he has published.

In order to make sure that the images he captures stay true to the moments in time when he experienced them and the places he has ventured, Graves knows he must have the best tools at his disposal.

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