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Commercial Design and Applications - Self Paced Online Tutorial

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Commercial Design and Applications - Self Paced Online Tutorial

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Commercial Design and Applications

Click on the link to the Crestron Training website to view the videos below:

Understanding the Design Process

Today’s workspaces are leveraging workspace technology like never before using Crestron products. Here you will be introduce the system design process and techniques. Working with the end user and building the system design into a useful and complete system.

Design Consideration for Workspace Technology

When designing a workspace technology in the workplace, there are many design considerations you must consider. Beyond discussing the need with the people who use the space, you have to discuss with other departments who support and maintain the building space and backbone equipment.

Common Design Types in the Workspace Technology

There are many common workspace design spaces in use today. Here we will discuss the common design type names and how they are used to better understand how people work in the spaces.

Connectivity Methods Needs Considerations for Devices

There are many different Crestron connect types. Crestron to Crestron devices can use CresNet, Ethernet or wireless. This video covers the different type of connectivity used in Crestron systems.


Network Security Design Considerations

Any time information is shared in a workspace technology space it can have potential of being transmitted over a network. Networks today are the preferred method and as such must be look at closely. In this video we will discuss the design requirements and some standards to consider. Always discuss security concerns with your end user client as this will influence your design decisions.

Unified Communication for the workspace technology spaces

Today the workspace technology is found in the commercial spaces and UC has become the communication standard. UC devices enhance this experience into the workplace spaces such as conference rooms brings the UC experience into the larger work spaces seamlessly. Whether it is Microsoft Teams®, Skype® for Business or ZOOM® platforms, Crestron has you covered with the ease of design you come to expect from Crestron devices.

Environmental Considerations for the designer

Workspace technology is always improving but design considerations about the space must be considered. In this video we will cover the base items to consider when designing workspace technology into the spaces they will be often used.

What is Crestron .AV Framework and how will it affect our designs for addressing today work spaces

In this video we will consider the Crestron .AV Framework technology and how do we use it for today work spaces. Crestron .AV Framework is powerful configuration platform that is on multiple Crestron Devices. Designs can meet challenges of cost and work space requirements using Crestron .AV Framework enabled devices.

Design consideration for scheduling and monitoring of spaces

Workspace are now shared in business spaces today; challenges are keeping those spaces utilized by the user in an efficient manner. In this video we will discuss how we can use Crestron devices and platforms to schedule and manage these resources.

Video is important in today’s enterprise workspaces

Designing for now and the future is key to meeting customer expectations. In this video we will cover the offerings that Crestron offers that can meet the design needs of any enterprise workspace. In this video we will cover some of the product lines that can meet your needs from a simple low cost extender to full matrix switching and enterprise network distribution.

Audio design becomes the heart of any enterprise workspace design

When working with workspaces in today’s office environment, there are certain challenges you will need to address in your design. Digital signal processing (DSP) devices are your mainstay and you should look for the right products to work in the space. Speakers are needed but challenges will exist here as well.

Lighting is very important in any workspace

Designing technology for a workspace will often control the lighting system for that space. It is important to understand the type of lighting control available as well as occupancy sensing that will allow automation of the space. In this video we will cover these types of products and how they are controlled.

Shading can be key for a proper AV design

There are many types of shading that can be used in a enterprise workspace. Understanding what shades are offered, type of shade and how to properly install them can impact your design. In this video we cover the general information that is important to you as the designer.

Designing in support from the start. Crestron Cloud tools such as Crestron Fusion and Crestron XiO Cloud

When designing the workspace, we as designer must look at the whole enterprise from design, install and support. To that end we will talk about the Crestron offerings such as Crestron Fusion for room scheduling and resource metrics usage reporting. Crestron XiO Cloud adds in the power for enterprise management of the devices from a cloud and even control and update those products.