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Crestron Fusion - Self Paced Online Training

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Crestron Fusion - Self Paced Online Training

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CTI Online Course:

Crestron Fusion Cloud

This course is for Crestron Fusion administrators who use Crestron Fusion on a daily basis to monitor/manage rooms and devices. This course will familiarize the administrator with Crestron Fusion, and it’s features and functionality. This course will also review how to use the Crestron Fusion website to complete daily tasks involved with monitoring rooms/devices as well as how to run reports.


Video Content:

What is Crestron Fusion?


In this lesson we’ll cover what Crestron Fusion is and how it works and describe its core offerings.


Logging in and Navigating the Website


This lesson walks you through the basics of Crestron Fusion, including how to log into and navigate the website. You will learn about the overall setup and structure of the website.


RoomView Monitoring


In this lesson we’ll walk you through how to use the RoomView Monitoring section of the Crestron Fusion website including an overview of the different tabs in their RoomView section and their functionality. You will learn the difference between proactive and reactive responses and which tabs can be sued to facilitate each type of response


What Can Reports Do For Me?


This lesson walks you through the Reports & Analytics section of Crestron Fusion. You will learn what reports are, what they’re used for, and how they are generated, and be able to navigate throughout the Reports & Analytics section of the website.


How Do I Run A Report?


In this lesson, we’ll walk through the basics steps of running reports and setting report parameters including the steps to email reports.