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Interactive Displays

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Interactive Displays

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AIA CES Course Overview

Interactive Displays: An Overview

December 2019

AIA Course No: PLANAR7362B

LU Credits: 1 LU HSW

Sponsor: Planar

AIA CES Provider No: 40107362

Course Description:

Interactive Displays: an Overview provides a primer on touch screen and other interactive display technology and offers key considerations when selecting technology for a project. It begins with a review of the market applications for touch screens and then goes into a comparative description of the various touch technologies that are commercially available. The course then profiles a set of interactive case studies and installations. Upon course completion, participants will feel prepared to specify touch screens into their projects.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees will be able to:

1) Describe the function of an interactive display installation, including touch screen technologies

2) Identify at least two uses of interactive displays in project applications

3) Recall key design considerations for interactive display implementations

4) Describe three innovative uses for interactive displays