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Planar CarbonLight LED Displays

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Planar CarbonLight LED Displays

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Course Name: Planar CarbonLight LED Displays Certified Installer Training

Sponsor: Planar

CTS Renewal Units: 3.0 CTS or CTS-I

Course Description:

The Planar® CarbonLight™ LED Displays Installer Training Course is an introduction to the Planar CarbonLight LED displays product family and is designed to prepare attendees for installation of the product. The course begins with a brief overview of the product and models available, then moves into the installation process, including site preparation, mounting, display installation and alignment, source routing set-up, software adjustments and commissioning of the video wall or display array. The Course also includes tips and tricks for a successful installation of the product. Upon completion of the course, attendees will be Certified Installers of Planar CarbonLight LED displays.

Course Time: 6 Hours

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this program, attendees will be able to:

1) Recognize and understand the various models and options available in the Planar CarbonLight Series LED displays product family and how each affects the installation process.

2) Successfully install, adjust and align Planar CarbonLight LED displays, signal distribution and cabling, to create a custom Planar CarbonLight LED display array.

3) Use the Planar CarbonLight VSP-F2L4 Controller and Control Software for set-up, display layout, color settings and seam correction.