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Model: MDA-26T

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The Oxmoor line of distribution amplifiers are high performance audio buffer/distribution amplifiers well suited for professional applications. The MDA-16T enables a single input to be distributed among six transformer-isolated output channels. The MDA-26T adds flexibility by providing user-assignable internal jumpers to configure the unit for a single stereo input or two mono inputs.

All of our Distribution Amplifiers feature front panel input gain trim adjustment of ±15 dB to compensate for varying input signal levels. Outputs also feature independently adjustable gain over a ±15 dB range and can deliver a maximum level of ±24 dBm, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, with greater than 80 dB of isolation between channels to guarantee discrete channels.

Input circuits found in the Oxmoor DA product line can accommodate up to +24 dBu signal levels, and incorporate RF suppression to preserve signal integrity in the presence of radio-frequency interference. Each output driver has an internal jumper that allows configuring for balanced or unbalanced operation.

The MDA-16T and MDA-26T are capable of matching disparate signal levels, allowing hi-fi and professional line-level signals to be freely inter-mixed without additional interfaces. Their impressive audio specifications, along with their compact and rugged design make them ideally suited to recording and broadcast applications.

The MDA-26T features electronically balanced inputs and balanced transformer-isolated outputs, with XLR connectors. One or both inputs may be assigned to any (or all) of the outputs. It requires one rack space.
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