1-40029 | LED Lamp House, Cool White (6500K TYP, 4500K-10000K) | Navitar, Inc. | Key Code Media, Inc.
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LED Lamp House, Cool White (6500K TYP, 4500K-10000K)

Model: 1-40029

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Designed and manufactured by Navitar, the BrightLight Coaxial LED Illuminator is used to view highly reflective objects which require an even distribution of light without hot spots. The thermal design insures maximum life and a consistent output. Navitar is now using the LUXEON® Rebel Diode in its coaxial LED illuminators, and has also reconfigured the lamp house to be universal for Zoom 6000, 12X and Precise Eye. Our LED controller also has new functionality and higher resolution on manual potentiometer control.

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